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Workshop of the EU Strategic Environmental Impact Assessment of development of the Arctic

April 02-04, 2014 - Lawrence Hislop, from GRID-Arendal´s Polar and Cryosphere Division, participated in a review workshop of the EU project: Strategic Environmental Impact Assessment of development of the Arctic. The workshop took place at the Sami Education Institute in Inari, Finland. 

The project team consisting of 19 partners reviewed the following main outputs of the project to date:

  • Strategic Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Compendium of EU Arctic initiatives
  • Information and communications gap analysis
  • Network feasibility study 

GRID-Arendal was mainly involved in organizing stakeholder engagement workshops to provide inout to the assessment reports.

The project will finalize all documents by June, 2014 and a wrap-up session and presentation for the EU will take place in September.

The workshop concluded with a visit to the Sami parliament.

More information can be found at the project website:


Picture: Lawrence Hislop (bottom right) with the team during the Inari workshop

Monday 07 Apr 2014