GRID Polar Division News

Arctic Circle Conference in Iceland

October 11-14, 2013, Reykjavik, Iceland - GRID-Arendal staff attended the Arctic Circle meetings and side events. 

Lawrence Hislop, Head of the Polar and Cryosphere Division, attended the Arctic Circle plenary meetings.

He also took part in a meeting with Icimod partners, studying the linkages between the Arctic and Himalayas. These provided ample opportunity to highlight the similarities, differences and lessons that can be learned in these regions. Partners brainstormed to further develop a 3rd-pole perspective on environmental changes, and to work on a concept for GRID-Arendal to lead a global cryosphere assessment with inputs from the Arctic, Antarctic and Himalayas.

Lawrence also facilitated the introduction of the Icimod team to the UArctic board of directors, in order for them to share ideas and experiences that can benefit the Himalayan University Consortium. Discussion and exchanges will continue between the two organisations.

He participated in the side event during which the Arctic Biodiversity Trends film, produced by GRID-Arendal with the Arctic Council was screened, and then sat on a panel discussion to field questions from the audience. Olav Orheim, GRID-Arendal chair of the board, attended the screening.

Finally, Lawrence produced seven new snowy OWL videos, soon to be edited by the GRID-Arendal Polar and Communications teams.

Tuesday 15 Oct 2013