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EU Arctic Impact Assessment Workshop Held in Finland

October 2-4, 2013, Rovaniemi, Finland - GRID-Arendal staff helped organize, lead and summarize a stakeholder engagement workshop with over 80 participants from the European Arctic region.

Inputs from a wide variety of Arctic stakeholders were collected during the workshops´ sessions. 

The main objectives were to compile stakeholders' knowledge and perspectives on the scientific information about the development of the Arctic, and to increase awareness about the Arctic and its changing political, economic and environmental landscape, and the impact of EU policies.

Outputs from this workshop included:

  • Critical Factors for EU Decision-Making,
  • Opinion on policy factsheets,
  • Discussion on chosen questions posed by experts in the factsheets,
  • Assessment of identified EU policies and actions,
  • Ideas for recommendations,
  • Individual statements.

The results of the workshop will be included in the main output of the project, an assessment of EU policy as it relates to the Arctic, which will be finalised in March 2014.


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Cover picture: Tina Schoolmeester delivering her speech during the EUAIA workshop in Rovaniemi.

Monday 07 Oct 2013