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Himalayan Climate Change Adaptation Program (HICAP) field sites visited

April 2, 2013, Assam, India - HICAP project sites in the Assam region of India were visited by GA and AARANYAK.

During March, Lawrence Hislop and Riccardo Pravettoni visited HICAP project sites in the Northeastern Indian state of Assam. The site visits were conducted mainly in the area of Tinsukia in the far eastern Brahmaputra river valley where annual monsoon flooding has a direct impact on agriculture and human livelihoods. Recent climatic changes in the region are making the annual flooding season more erratic and unpredictable, and ultimately affecting the livelihoods of thousands of people. 

The site visits were conducted with regional partner AARANYAK and involved interviews with local villagers, journalists, government officials and NGO´s in order to collect data on changing environmental conditions and get an increased understanding of two specific thematic areas the HICAP project will focus on in the coming years:  Ecosystem Services and Food Security.


The regional rivers in Tinsukia provide fish and shrimp to local villages but the effects of increasingly unpredictable floods may alter these activities. © Lawrence Hislop

Tuesday 02 Apr 2013