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Norwegian parliamentary delegation visit UNEP Polar centre

Morten Høglund and Eirik Sivertsen, Leader and Deputy Leader respectively of the Norwegian government's delegation to the Arctic Parliamentary Cooperation Committee, met with Polar staff and discussed current activities underway within the Polar Programme.

The delegation displayed an active interest in many of UNEP’s Polar activities - in particular the Nomadic Herders Initiative and activities related to green economy in cooperation with UArctic.

In the afternoon, the delegates together with the Polar staff went fishing in the waters outside Arendal, to continue the discussions in a more informal atmosphere.

About the Norwegian Parliament's Delegation

The Norwegian Parliament's Delegation focuses on international cooperation in the Arctic region, economic cooperation and sustainable development and social and cultural issues. It is also appointed the Norwegian Parliamentary representative to the Conference of Arctic Parliamentarians (CPAR). 

The Conference of Arctic Parliamentarians consists of representatives from the eight Arctic states and the European Parliament.  Six organizations representing indigenous peoples in the Arctic are permanent members of the committee.

See also a news article on the Parliament's website on the visit to GRID-Arendal

Øystein Djupedal, the Aust-Agder County Governor, joins the morning meetings and discusses further collaboration between the county and the activities of the Delegation.

Parliamentarians and polar staff enjoy some fishing outside Arendal. From left to right: Kathrine Johnsen, Yannick Beaudoin, Peter Prokosch, Lawrence Hislop, Eirik Sivertsen, Olav Orheim, Morten Høglund, Lars Kullerud and Bjørn Willy Robstad.

Photo credits: Björn Alfthan 


Monday 19 Sep 2011