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The UNEP Nomadic Herders project held a workshop in Mongolia from June 17 - 30

The main goals of the workshop were to assess the impacts of land-use change and climate change on nomadic pastoralist and their adaptation options and opportunities, comparing reindeer herders in the Arctic taiga (boreal forest of Far East Russia and Mongolia) and reindeer herders in Lapland.

The main output of the workshop is a draft for a new assessment report on climate change, land use change and other external factors affecting reindeer and yak husbandry, vulnerability and resilience/adaption, and existing knowledge systems for ecosystem management.

The new report will feature maps and graphic that were discussed with the participants during the workshop as well as photos from the region. The report is intended to be launched in the autumn of 2011.

This project supports the UNEP Programme of Work 2010-2011 under Project 3: Ecosystem-based Adaptation support and is linked to the International Polar Year (IPY) project EALÁT-Network Study (IPY id #399).

The overall intentions of this project are to increase global, regional and local awareness and knowledge of the challenges faced by of nomadic herders due to climate change and loss of pastures, including policy recommendations for improved rangeland management, economic development and capacity building.

More information on the Nomadic Herders project can be found on the project page.


Tuesday 26 Jul 2011