GRID Polar Division News

Arctic science and policy workshop

GRID-Arendal, UNEP's Key Polar Centre, is hosting a workshop 15-16 September with representatives from Arctic Indigneous Peoples' organizations, the Arctic Council, scientists and policy experts.

The aim of the workshop is to help set GRID-Arendal's agenda for it's polar programme, and to promote cooperation in addressing Arctic issues. Special emphasis will be placed
on dealing with Health and Environment linkages.

GRID-Arendal Arctic Workshop Schedule



Saturday 13th September -evening



Sunday 14th September


Informal sideline meetings in Arendal:

  • University of the Arctic: Oran Young; Lars Kullerud
  • GRIDA/RAIPON/AIA/IPS (others welcome)




Lars Kullerud escorts from hotel to Pollen pier. Boat trip to Blekestrand, Lunch. Return by maxi-taxi, arriving hotel 1630 hrs.


Informal sideline meetings in Arendal

  • GRIDA/AHDR: Oran Young; Lars Kullerud; Keith Finlayson
  • ACIA outreach: Bob Correll; John Crump; Keith Finlayson

Monday 15th September



Transport from the hotel to GRID-Arendal, Longum Park

09:45 - 10:15

Welcome to GRID-Arendal by Leif E. Christoffersen

10:15 ? 13:00

?Setting priorities?


Chair: Hanne Petersen and opening presentation



o        Oran Young ? Arctic Human Development Report

o        Svein Tveitdal ? Conventions and Policy Implementation

o        Lars Kullerud ?Education in the Arctic



13:00 ? 14:00



14:00 -  17:00


?Health and environment linkages?


Chair: Keith Finlayson



  • Tamara Semenova ? H&E in Indigenous Communities
  • Victoria Gofman ? H&E in Indigenous Communities
  • Charles Haines ? Global H&E initiative
  • Jack Dowie ? Decision Making in H&E interventions






Transport back to the hotel

Official workshop dinner in Arendal

Tuesday16th September

08:00 ? 10:30


?Coordinating efforts?


Chair: Steinar Sorensen



  • Gunnar Pálsson ? Directions for the Arctic Council
  • John Crump - IPS
  • Jan-Idar Solbakken ? Saami Council
  • Cindy Dickson ? Arctic Athabaskan Council
  • Keith Finlayson ? GRIDA and UNEP projects and capacity

10:30 ? 11:00


Coffee Break

11:00 ? 13:00


?Synthesis from sessions?


Chair: Keith Finlayson


Speakers: Chairs/reporters from sessions




Informal lunch


Side meetings and departures


Thursday 11 Sep 2003