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Arctic conservation area revised (CAFF boundary)

Arctic conservation maps now include the Faroe Islands and the Commander Islands. Cartography and data editing prepared by GRID-Arendal.

The Conservation of Arctic Flora and Fauna (CAFF) is a working group under the Arctic Council, for the countries of Russia, Denmark, USA, Canada, Sweden, Iceland, Norway and Finland and indigenous peoples. Monitoring, assessment, protected areas and conservation strategies are all tasks under this working group.

The Arctic definition for the CAFF working group has been revised to include the Faroe Islands, and the Commander Islands (Kamchatka).

The map was prepared and revised by GRID-Arendal, as a service to support the CAFF programme.

See GRID-Arendal maps and graphics library for more information, and downloads.

Arctic conservation area, CAFF, topographic map

Monday 18 Sep 2006