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Arctic oil and gas issues: Statoil training and awareness

This 200-page report covers issures related to fuels extraction in the circum-polar Arctic. Four case studies present experiences and outlook related to integrated ecosystem management (IEM), local communities and indigenous peoples and the situation in Canada, Alaska and Sakhalin.

Arctic Oil and Gas Issues: Statoil Training and Awareness, a 214-page report presenting the results from activities in 2006. The report, prepared for the Norwegian energy company Statoil, presents the result from a tour in the Canadian Arctic, and case studies on issues related to fossil fuels extraction in the Arctic. The four case studies cover circum-Arctic issues, Northern Alaska, Canada and Sakhalin in Russia.

The report was prepared by GRID-Arendal, with contributions from Bernard Funston, Thom Stubbs, Henry Huntington, Michael Bradshaw, Yana Dordina, James Leaton among others.

One of the main recommendations is the use of Integrated Ecosystem Management (IEM) as a multi-disciplinary tool for research and monitoring, and to ensure the participation of stakeholders, such as Indigenous Peoples.

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Tuesday 07 Aug 2007