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Climate change hitting Arctic faster, harder

New Arctic climate report, prepared by WWF with inputs from the UNEP Key Polar Centre at GRID-Arendal

The report called Arctic Climate Impact Science – An Update Since ACIA represents the most wide-ranging reviews of arctic climate impact science since the Arctic Climate Impact Assessment (ACIA) was published in 2005.

The ACIA was based on the state of knowledge in 2004; since that time several important reports have been released, including the IPCC Assessment Report 4 and the Global Outlook for Ice and Snow, and there have been significant research findings in the areas of cryosphere and climate.

The new study found that change was occurring in all arctic systems, impacting on the atmosphere and oceans, sea ice and ice sheets, snow and permafrost, as well as species and populations, food webs, ecosystems and human societies.

The report, commissioned by WWF International Arctic Programme, was compiled and edited by Drs. Martin Sommerkorn and Neil Hamilton, WWF International Arctic Programme.

The thematic literature reviews were carried out and written by Heather Main, Joan Eamer, Tiina Kurvits and Kathrine I. Johnsen, UNEP Key Polar Centre at GRID-Arendal, and Philip A. Loring, University of Alaska Fairbanks. The report also features maps and graphics from GRID-Arendal.

Read more in the full press release, from WWF Arctic Programme.

Arctic sea ice

Friday 25 Apr 2008