GRID Polar Division News

International day of the world's indigenous people Aug. 9
The Right to be Cool: Celebrating International Day of the World's Indigenous People
Tuesday 14 Aug 2007
Arctic oil and gas issues: Statoil training and awareness
This 200-page report covers issures related to fuels extraction in the circum-polar Arctic. Four case studies present experiences and outlook related to integrated ecosystem management (IEM), local communities and indigenous peoples and the situation in Canada, Alaska and Sakhalin.
Tuesday 07 Aug 2007
Melting Ice—A Hot Topic? New UNEP Report Shows Just How Hot It’s Getting
Lives and Livelihoods of Hundreds of Millions if Not Billions in Many Parts of the World Influenced by Ice and Snow Losses Linked to Climate Change.
Monday 04 Jun 2007
Rapid rise in tourism new challenge to polar environment
New UNEP report released to mark World Environment Day: Tourism in the Polar Regions - The Sustainability Challenge
Monday 04 Jun 2007
Many Strong Voices join forces on climate change
Driven by the need to protect the cultures and economies of countries and regions most affected by climate change, representatives of Arctic communities and Small Island Developing States (SIDS) from the Caribbean, and Pacific have formed an alliance called Many Strong Voices to press for significant reductions in greenhouse gas emissions.
Wednesday 30 May 2007
Many Strong Voices call for action on climate change
Meeting in Belize will develop adaptation strategies for Arctic and Small Island Developing States.
Wednesday 23 May 2007
The Arctic Experience: Arctic Biodiversity Beyond Polar Bears
Climate Change is impacting biodiversity at a global and unprecedented scale. The Arctic region is hit particularly hard. It is already warming 2 – 2,5 times faster than the global average, due to a thinner atmosphere and several positive feedback responses. Changes in the Arctic will have major repercussions for all other global regions through changes in the hydrological cycle, the weather cycle, the carbon cycle or atmospheric changes, but also by impacting its unique biodiversity.
Tuesday 22 May 2007
Adaptation to Climate Change Key Challenge for Arctic Peoples and Arctic Economy
Thawing permafrost, melting sea ice and significant changes in natural resources demand a comprehensive sustainable development plan.
Wednesday 11 Apr 2007
International Polar Year- A Statement by the United Nations Environment Programme
Message from UNEP on the polar regions, the polar year and the role of UNEP
Thursday 22 Mar 2007
Global Outlook for Ice and Snow
As part of its continuing efforts to raise global awareness about the effects of climate change, UNEP will release Global Outlook for Ice & Snow at the outset of the International Polar Year 2007-2008. This new analysis will focus on the changes in ice-and snow-covered regions and highlight the consequences of those changes for the global community.
Monday 12 Feb 2007