GRID Polar Division News

Significant Changes Likely In The Arctic From Climate Change.
Massive changes in the Arctic, which are likely to have dramatic impacts on the world's weather systems, fisheries, wildlife and people living in the far North, are today forecast by scientists studying global warming.
Monday 19 Feb 2001
Explorers in Antarctica Find Fresh Evidence of Global Warming
- The important links between science, public awareness and political action were made clear today as government ministers at the United Nations Environment Programme's (UNEP) headquarters in Nairobi, Kenya, spoke with yachtsman and adventurer Sir Peter Blake in Antarctica. At anchor among icebergs and sheltering from gale-force katabatic winds, Sir Peter reported anecdotal evidence of much reduced sea ice cover in the Antarctic Peninsula at latitude 69 degrees 15 mins South. "We are in an area that normally is solid ice at this time of year. Now it has many bergs in it, but is essentially a free waterway, an almost unheard of occurrence," Sir Peter said by satellite phone.
Thursday 08 Feb 2001
Permafrost May Accelerate Global Warming, UNEP Scientists Warn
Global warming may be set to accelerate as rising temperatures in the Arctic melt the permafrost causing it to release greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, scientists warned today (WED).
Wednesday 07 Feb 2001