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GA launches third Environment Times
The Polar Environment Times No 3 was launched at the Arctic Marine Strategic Plan workshop in Reykjavik, Iceland. The Polar Environment Times features articles from several of the ministers that went to Svalbard in August, views on Antarctica and a story on NATO bombing Saami ranges in northern Norway. To read the Polar Environment Times: or email:
Wednesday 22 Oct 2003
Arctic science and policy workshop
GRID-Arendal, UNEP's Key Polar Centre, is hosting a workshop 15-16 September with representatives from Arctic Indigneous Peoples' organizations, the Arctic Council, scientists and policy experts.
Thursday 11 Sep 2003
Power Stations Threaten People and Wildlife with Mercury Poisoning
Mercury poisoning of the planet could be significantly reduced by curbing pollution from power stations.
Monday 03 Feb 2003
University of the Arctic, ready for the students!
Over fifty representatives of the University of the Arctic member institutions met in Tromso and Kautokeino, Norway for the Council meeting of the University of the Arctic.
Tuesday 19 Nov 2002
Work Man Like Plan Agreed to Fight Against Poverty and Fight for Sustainable Development Says Klaus Toepfer
Nations Accept Environment's Key Role in Delivering a Healthier and Cleaner World
Wednesday 04 Sep 2002
Interactive Arctic Environmental Atlas facelift
Environmental information on the Arctic region in an interactive map on the Internet since December 2000. The map has been updated with a new interface, more extensive data themes and new features.
Friday 23 Aug 2002
The Arctic is getting more and more vulnerable, UNEP warns
"Sneaking" road development and climate change is rapidly making the Arctic more accessible to oil, gas and mineral exploration.
Tuesday 13 Aug 2002
Arctic University forges ties with UN Environment Programme
An international network of Arctic universities now cooperate with global organisations for improved access and more efficient dissemination of environmental information.
Monday 12 Aug 2002
Polar Bears Victims of Inaction on Global Warming
WWF press release
Thursday 16 May 2002