GRID Polar Division News

UNEP and Tara Arctic 2007 – 2008
UNEP supported polar expedition departs on unique voyage of science and exploration
Tuesday 18 Jul 2006
Seminar on MEAs and their relevance to the Arctic, 21-22 September 2006 in Arendal, Norway
The main objective of the seminar is to identify opportunities for using the global and regional Multilateral Environmental Agreements as policy tools to strengthen environment management to support sustainable development in the Arctic region and minimize negative global impact from Arctic environmental change
Thursday 06 Jul 2006
Tromsø, Norway to Host World Environment Day 2007
A range of events, reflecting the threats from global warming to the people and wildlife across the world, are to be staged in Norway’s most northerly city Tromsø as well as the capital Oslo and other Norwegian cities. 2007 also marks the start of International Polar Year.
Monday 22 May 2006
Upcoming seminar on environmental agreements in the Arctic
Preliminary announcement of the "Multilateral Environmental Agreements and their relevance to the Arctic" seminar 21-22 September 2006 in Arendal, Norway
Wednesday 26 Apr 2006
Workshop: Building Ecosystem Resilience in the Barents Sea Region
WWF and GRID-Arendal workshop on conservation and vulnerability in the NW Russia and Northern Norway regions, March 22-24 2006 in Murmansk, Russia
Wednesday 15 Mar 2006
Many Small Voices workshop
The Polar Programme will host the first development meeting for the Many Small Voices Project, March 20-21 in Ottawa, Canada
Wednesday 15 Mar 2006
UNEP statement regarding sealing campaign
GRID-Arendal has recently been approached by Indigenous Peoples organizations that have seen UNEP's logo on the web-site of the company Wildlife Works. This has been incorrectly interpreted as UNEP support to anti-sealing campaigns. UNEP adhers to the principle of sustainable use, and endorses the rights of Indigenous Peoples to carry out their traditional activities within the principle of sustainable use.
Thursday 23 Feb 2006
GEO Year Book 2006 launched in Dubai
The GEO Year Book 2006 is the third annual survey of the changing global environment produced by the United Nations Environment Programme, in collaboration with many world experts in environmental research and action. Joan Eamer at GRID-Arendal had the responsbility for the polar section.
Tuesday 14 Feb 2006
Maps and Graphics
The graphic products section of this web-site has been revised and is now connected with the main GRID-Arendal maps and graphics database.
Wednesday 25 Jan 2006
Pacific Island Villagers First Climate Change "Refugees"
Montreal, 6 December 2005 - UN Environment Builds Bridges Between Vulnerable Peoples in the Arctic and Small Islands
Monday 12 Dec 2005