IPY Educational Posters - Overview

All the posters have been translated to Norwegian (bokmål). Please see respective poster page to view and download the posters.

GRID-Arendal, with financial support from the Research Council of Norway (Forskningsrådet), prepared this set of posters for the International Polar Year (IPY). This project supports the education, outreach, and communication efforts of IPY. The posters present polar science issues to create awareness of IPY and its research activities.

The posters address the question: "Why, and how, are the polar regions and polar research important to all people on Earth?" These posters present and illustrate a broad sample of polar issues and facts -- they are a "textbook" for your wall.

There are five posters, with high-school age students as the main target group. Each poster stands on its own but is recognizable as part of the series through the common design and elements.  All the posters include illustrations and text highlighting the human dimension of the poster theme -- showing how people are affected by polar science and issues and why they should care. The lifespan of the content is not limited to the IPY period (March 2007 - March 2009) -- we hope that these posters will be useful and used beyond this period.

For distribution and circulation, we are interested in partnerships with IPY and educational committees, secretariats and other organizations. We are also interested in seeing the posters and web site translated and distributed in other languages. Please contact the project team at GRID-Arendal for further discussion. 


Please see the following pages for download and viewing of the posters. The pages contain additional information, such as full credits, source references and links to pages with more information.


Polar Regions IPY poster  The Polar Regions. Topics: physical setting, climate, ice and snow, light periods, seasons, role in climate change, Antarctic ozone hole, the auroras, wildlife, distribution of people. Main maps: topography, features and boundaries of polar lands and oceans. 
Climate Change in the Polar Regions IPY poster  Climate Change and the Poles. Topics: role of the polar regions in global climate change and impact of climate change on the polar regions; greenhouse gases; trends in temperatures, glaciers, sea ice and snow; the Greenland and Antarctic ice sheets; sea level rise; permafrost; ocean circulation; albedo; impacts and adaptation by indigenous people. Main maps: projected temperature increases; observed sea ice extent and projected changes in sea ice.
Polar People IPY poster  Polar People. Topics: population distribution and differences between the poles; governance regimes, research activities and tourism in Antarctica; Antarctic fisheries, Arctic shipping routes and climate change, Indigenous Peoples of the Arctic. Main maps: northern map – population density, tree line and average summer temperature distribution, oil and gas production areas; southern map – fisheries catches by country, ocean zone and type (southern map).
Research in the Polar Regions IPY poster  Research in the Polar Regions. Topics: types of research; how researchers collect data and work in cold environments, traditional knowledge, research and action on the Antarctic ozone hole, samples of International Polar Year research projects. Main maps: research stations.
Biodiversity in the Polar Regions IPY poster  Biodiversity and the Poles. Topics: life in the polar regions, adaptation, habitat and wilderness, migration, biodiversity loss and actions being taken, sea ice as a hotspot of life, seals, polar bears, caribou and reindeer, cold water corals, biodiversity and climate change, alien species, impacts from pollution. Main maps: land and vegetation cover.