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Title (Name of event - max 250 characters)NASA Snow Remote Sensing Workshop
Start dateWednesday 14 Aug 2013
End dateSunday 16 Jun 2013
Location - (max 50 characters)Boulder, Colorado, USA

Snow remote sensing has been a 40-year effort, with some successes, but some big challenges remaining. This is not because of lack of effort, but rather because snow remote sensing is hard to do, and because what society needs to know ranges from assessing regional and hemispheric climate impacts of snow to specific basin runoff forecasts for water management.

But there are new technologies, and innovative ways of working with older technologies, that are showing great promise today. In addition, data assimilation methods and modeling snow stochastically and physically have come a long way. The time is ripe to galvanize the community, provide a blueprint for action to stakeholders and agencies that is inclusive, comprehensive, and addresses multiple needs, and which can help accelerate the pace of delivering practical snow remote sensing products to a wide range of users.

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