28 Nov 2010
A couple of days before the UNFCCC negotiations begin
The Yucatan Peninsula juts like a green thumb out into the Caribbean, its flat expanse bisected by roads and quarries to extract the materials that have gone into building the sprawling resorts that line its coast. You can also see the ancient Ma ...
26 Nov 2010
The World will Gather in Cancun
The world will gather in Cancun, Mexico, for two weeks starting on the 29th of November to try to hammer out a new climate change treaty. After what many people see as last year’s failure to achieve a treaty despite two years of intense preparato ...
29 Oct 2010
Day One in the Seychelles
I thought I'd offer some pictures to complement John's blog. .As they say, "a picture is worth a thousand words".. The meeting kicks off, with a climate change song:  local school kids kick off the meeting with a song on climate change. Int ...
28 Oct 2010
Voices from the Seychelles
As the sun rises over Baie Lazare in the Seychelles, I think about the similarities between the Arctic and Small Island Developing States (SIDS) that lie at the root of the Many Strong Voices programme. The view in front of me is tropical -- just ...
16 Aug 2010
In Cumberland Sound, Baffin Island, Nunavut
65N, 65W The Bowhead whale is one of the largest living things on the planet and can live up to 200 years. We saw about 40 from the Lyubov Orlova as we made our way through Cumberland Sound, the vast bay that pierces the eastern side of Baffin Is ...
15 Aug 2010
Auyuittuq National Park, Pangnirtung Fjord, Baffin Island (66N, 65W)
Auyuiittuq means “The Land that Never Melts.” But if the Arctic is the heart of climate change, Auyuittuq is its soul. There are few landscapes on the planet like this – a long, U-shaped glacial valley scraped out by successive glaciations, the l ...
13 Aug 2010
Monumental Island in the Davis Strait
63N 64W There is no sea ice this summer in this part of the Arctic. Icebergs float south in the currents of Davis Strait. Some ground on shoals, others are caught by the currents of Hudson Strait and head west. Others continue to southern latitud ...
12 Aug 2010
Hello to the Students in Suva, Fiji
Today’s blog is a note to the Suva Christian Community High School in Fiji. Students at this school have written to the SOI team with a number of questions about the Arctic which will be answered by the students on the voyage. The high school wi ...
11 Aug 2010
Why is it called Walrus Island?
Walrus Island, Hudson Bay (63N, 84W) After a morning zodiacing around this small island at the top of Hudson Bay, the vast inland sea that looks like a gouge out of the middle of the Canadian landmass, we are under way again. It is a perfect day ...
08 Aug 2010
The Northwest Passage - Gateway across the Arctic?
Four hundred years ago this week, Henry Hudson, on his last of four voyages to the then New World, sailed through the strait that now bears his name towards the vast bay which also bears his name. It would be his last voyage. After overwintering ...