30 Nov 2011
Portraits of Resilience opens in Durban
Sizeka Nkwitshi is in Grade 9 at the Hunt Road Secondary School in Durban. He's a small boy, shy with a quiet voice but when he took the microphone to read a poem, he was confident and his voice filled the exhibition room. "Mother Nature Dena ...
28 Nov 2011
No Hardhats Needed Today
Yesterday the Expo site outside the Durban International Convention Centre was a chaos of small, interconnected construction sites. To enter required a hard hat. “A what?” This was news to the crowd of exhibitors that turned up, ready to as ...
25 Nov 2011
Raining on the Durban Parade
It’s cold here. Well, cold by Durban standards. By northern hemisphere standards, it’s mild. Shirtsleeve weather, but Durbanites and the local media are full of tales about the last six weeks of rain. The Mercury, one of the local papers, repor ...
08 Aug 2011
Bear guards in the Torngat Mountains
If a bear charges, stand your ground and prepare to fight. Bluff charges are rare. Safety in Polar Bear Country Parks Canada We’re not sure if this is the kind of advice we want to hear. The first zodiac ashore always carries the bear gua ...
07 Aug 2011
Anchored downriver from Kuujjuaq, Nunavik
We have arrived at the end of our physical journey. But for most of the students, and many of the staff, the mental journey continues. We spent a lot of time in the last couple of days “processing” the experience -- taking what J.R. ...
04 Aug 2011
In the spirit mountains
North Arm, Saglek Fjord Kangidluasuk Base Camp, Torngat Mountains National Park Nunatsiavut/Labrador, 4 August I don’t know yet what to make of this place, the Torngats or Spirit Mountains. Years ago I did graduate research in the Innu vill ...
04 Aug 2011
Arctic Council on the Path of Vikings
Throughout this journey we have been following the path of the Vikings -- from Iceland, to Greenland, across the Davis Strait to Vinland (now called Labrador). The Strait has been merciful these last 24 hours and we are now approaching the coas ...
31 Jul 2011
In Prins Christian Sund
A hillside in Prins Christians Sund echoes with the sound of Inuit drumming. It punctuates the constant roar of a stream hurtling down a blank granite face from a retreating glacier hanging above us. We tried and failed to get into the eastern ...
30 Jul 2011
Off the eastern coast of Greenland
The students have just finished a series of workshops where they are learning everything from how to use a GPS to how paint or write a song. (The latter course is taught by Ian Tamblyn, one of Canada’s foremost songwriter/musicians. In his non- ...
29 Jul 2011
Blue whales in the Denmark Strait
Blue whales cure seasickness. Or they stave it off for a while, at least. We woke this morning in the Denmark Strait where a great upwelling of water flows out into the world ocean. Water from this 900-kilometre wide strait takes about 1000 y ...