"At the climate summit, they're feeling like deserted islands" - MSV in the LA Times

07 Dec 2010

LA Times journalist Margot Roosevelt interviews Ronny Jumeau, Seychelles Ambassador to the United Nations and MSV partner, during the COP negotiations in Cancun. 

Excerpts from the article

Members of the Alliance of Small Island States, already suffering the ill effects of global warming, are furious that the large nations that are the big emitters of greenhouse gases aren't doing more to ensure their survival.

Seychelles, a group of about 150 islands, has fallen victim to the sort of "extreme weather events" that scientists have been documenting around the world as the amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere rises, along with average global temperatures.

Drought has left the islands, which depend on tourism, fishing and tuna canning, with a 20-day supply of drinking water, Jumeau said. Desalination plants are running at full capacity, but that means burning expensive fossil fuels, which contributes to global warming.

"The cost of producing food, drinking water and everything is going up, all because some people messed up the atmosphere," Jumeau told a seminar on "Food Security and Human Rights in Small Island Developing States and the Arctic," one of more than 150 side events last week.

Read the full story here


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