Day One in the Seychelles

29 Oct 2010

I thought I'd offer some pictures to complement John's blog. .As they say, "a picture is worth a thousand words"..

The meeting kicks off, with a climate change song:  local school kids kick off the meeting with a song on climate change. Interestingly, the government is working with school children  to raise awareness about climate change through song. An interesting and innovative idea to develop further across the SIDS?

Morning Coffee Break: Rolph Payet (left), John Crump (MSV Coordinator) and Nick Robson (Cayman Institute) discuss the Portraits of Resilience panels currently on display at the University of Seychelles. The project visited the islands in 2009 and worked with youth to raise awareness of changes occuring in the Seychelles, a small island developing state. You can see that work here.

Morning Session: Stephanie Meakin, representing the ICC and currently co-developing an MSV project on food security, discusses her experiences of the climate change negotiations and how MSV could better communicate its messages - including exploring other avenues for MSV to work though other than the big Conference of Parties (COP) meetings.

Lunchtime: I read that most birds in the Seychelles and greyish and dull. Why so? The islands have been isolated for over 66 million years; scientists believe exhausted birds arrived here by chance (vagrants) from the African mainland, Asia and Madagascar. But with so little competition on the island, there was no need to evolve bright colours. This bird is one exception, the Madagascan Fody (a non-native).

Afternoon Session: Much of the afternoon session was devoted to reviewing what worked and what didn't for MSV. Leonard Nurse, IPCC author on islands, shares his knowledge about the IPCC as a possible other point of leverage for MSV. 

Did I forget to mention? I couldn't leave out a picture of the Seychelles and its famous beaches. The University of Seychelles Campus, where the meeting is being held,  sits a hundred or two metres behind this picture.   

Photo Credits: Bjorn Alfthan


Ben Amado - 29 Oct 2010
It's great to get this insight. Keep em coming!
A. Knowles - 30 Oct 2010
Hi, nice photo summary of an important meeting. I hope you get the chance to try out the beach.
CC - 03 Nov 2010
Bjorn, where can I find information about the Climate song you write about in photo no 1? Is it online somewhere?
Bjorn - 07 Nov 2010
Hi there CC - I'll have a look for you. Will have to contact the people who organised the meeting. What's your email address?
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