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Snowy OWL Talks

The future of the North is highly dependent on the successful sharing of knowledge and promoting quality discussion on contemporary issues related to the region. It is equally important to increase knowledge about northern issues globally, in order to promote understanding and cooperation. The Snowy OWL Talks aim at sharing knowledge through a series of short lectures addressing specific topics or ideas about the North. The main target audience for these videos are students. GRID-Arendal produces these videos for University of the Arctic.


Purpose of the video series

University of the Arctic (UArctic) Snowy OWL Talks are a series of short lectures that will be broadcasted online to an open audience. The primary audience for the Snowy OWL Talks is students across the North, from secondary to all levels of higher education, and also the northern policy community, local stakeholders and general public. Each talk-video lasts about three to five minutes.

Each talk addresses a very specific topic or idea about the North, relevant in the north and globally, or addresses broader concepts. In selecting speakers, UArctic places a strong emphasis on an ability to clearly communicate and inspire.

Background of the name "Snowy OWL Talks"

The talk series is named in honor of Erling Olsen (1927 –  2011), founding board member of the University of the Arctic. Erling had an impressive career that includes being a Member of the Danish Parliament for almost 30 years, Minister of Housing and later Minister of Justice and he served 4 years as Speaker of the Parliament. Erling named his memoirs "From Duckling to OWL". The book's title "duckling" was a nickname he got as a child. When as Minister of Justice he was asked if he was a dove or a hawk, his reply was that he would be neither, but that he would be an OWL.

Erling invested his prodigious talents to help build UArctic for reasons completely in character with his life and values. He considered UArctic’s goal of increasing educational opportunities for people in the North and strengthening their ability to shape their own destinies to be of enormous importance. Furthermore, he also believed UArctic’s unique, cooperative educational approach could be a model and shed light in many parts of the world where indigenous and other peoples are faced with similar challenges.

The Snowy OWL Talks

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