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Himalayan Climate Change Adaptation Programme

The Himalayan Climate Change Adaptation Programme (HICAP) is an applied research programme in the Hindu Kush Himalayas. Its goal is to contribute to enhancing the resilience to change, particularly climate change, in mountain communities by improving the understanding of vulnerabilities and opportunities for adaptation. 

At the centre of the most densely populated region on the planet

The Hindu-Kush Himalaya region is one of the most dynamic and complex mountain systems in the world. It contains the largest amount of snow and ice found outside the polar regions, and is the source of ten of the largest rivers in Asia. The region is at the geographic centre of the largest and densist concentration of humans on the planet. It is also an extremely fragile environment vulnerable to warming.

There is no question that climate change is gradually and powerfully changing the ecological and socio-economic landscape in the Himalayan region, particularly in relation to water and ecosystem services, with significant implications for mountain communities and livelihoods. Ultimately, the changes that take place in the mountains impacts the availability of downstream resources.

Focussing on the resilience of women and mountain commmunities

As well as establishing a regional knowledge platform for data collection, analysis, sharing and monitoring changes, the programme’s central concern is with adaptation and the identification of new pathways to increase the resilience of women and mountain communities.

Working across different themes 

The HICAP team will work across seven areas: climate scenarios, water availability and demand, ecosystem services, food security, vulnerability and adaptation, the role of women in adaptation to climate change, and communications and outreach. 

Institutional Partners

HICAP is a joint programme coordinated by the International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development (ICIMOD), GRID-Arendal, and CICERO. It is funded by the Government of Norway. 

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Project duration: 5 years
Contact: Lawrence Hislop 

Photo: Tilling the fields in Nepal. Credit: Lawrence Hislop

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