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Polar View - Earth Observation for Polar Monitoring

Polar View is the Arctic and Antarctic component of the Global Monitoring for Environment and Security Service Element (GSE) initiative of the European Space Agency and the European Union. It is a collaborative project involving about 20 partners, including research institutes, government agencies and private sector technology, environmental and engineering firms.

Polar View offers integrated monitoring and forecasting services in the Polar Regions using satellite earth observation data to support improved decision-making, planning and adaptation to climate change.

The UNEP Polar Centre worked as a member of the Polar View consortium on programme strategy and coordination, policy linkages and communications, and worked to develop a climate change adaptation component to selected services.

Amongst the outputs, the UNEP Polar Centre wrote and produced a booklet on uses of satellite-based monitoring in adapting to climate change in regions influenced by ice and snow, using examples from Polar View.

The booklet features case studies on climate change adaptation in marine navigation in ice-infested waters, flood preparedness, hydroelectric generation, and sustaining Arctic indigenous communities. The brochure, which was released at the UNFCCC negotations in Poznan, Poland (2008), can be viewed and downloaded here

Project Duration: 2005 - 2008

Status: Complete
ContactLawrence Hislop

Photo:  Glacial ice in the sea. Credit: Lawrence Hislop














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