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  • Checking artificial nesting site, freshwater marsh, Copper River Delta, Alaska
  • Bear footprints, Tidal flats, Copper River Delta, Alaska
  • Bear traces at river bank, Copper River Delta, Alaska
  • Humpback whale migration. Ha'apai, Tonga.
  • Humpback whale calves. Ha'apai, Tonga.
  • Humpback whale calf. Ha'apai, Tonga.
  • Humpback whale calf feeding. Ha'apai, Tonga.
  • Humpback whale calf. Ha'apai, Tonga.
  • Humpback whales. Ha'apai, Tonga.
  • Stingray. Poor Knights Marine Reserve, Northland, New Zealand
  • Two adult humpbacks during the mating season. Ha’apai, Tonga
  • Adult male humpbacks sing complex songs during the breeding and migration times. Ha'apai, Tonga.
  • Humpback whale diving. Ha'apai, Tonga.
  • A view from behind of a humpback swimming. Ha'apai, Tonga.
  • Humpback whale mother and calf. Ha'apai, Tonga.
  • The pectoral fin of a humpback can reach 5 metres in length. Ha’apai, Tonga.
  • A view of the ventral keel and genital area of a female humpback whale. The two mammary slits are visible on either side of the genital slit. Ha’apai, Tonga
  • Closeup of juvenile humpback whale blowholes. Ha’apai, Tonga
  • A closeup view of the underjaw of an adult humpback. The tubercles are clearly visible. Ha’apai, Tonga
  • An adult humpback resting just below the surface. Ha’apai, Tonga
  • Mother and calf humpback. Ha’apai Islands, Tonga.
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