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  • Autumn at Mykland after forest fire 5 years ago
  • Moss vegetation, high Arctic habitat, Troynoy, Izvesti Tsik Islands, North of Taimyr, Russia
  • Track vehicle leaving traces in tundra,  Sterlegova (75.26N 89.09E), Taimyr, Russia (1991)
  • Arctic Tundra melting in late June, "Taimyrsky Zapovednik", Central Taimyr, Russia, 1989
  • Tundra aside the Logata River, Taimyr, Russia
  • Ice-wetch, polygon pond cut at a eroding river cliff, Lena Delta, Sakha Republic, Siberia, Russia
  • Rich Arctic tundra vegetation at Alkhornet, Icefjord, Svalbard