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Tortuguero National Park, Costa Rica
Mountain forests in China, Northwest of Beijing
Mountain birch forest, Norway
Mangrove forest, Lamu, Kenya
Paper mill, Sumatra
Kamchatka forest, Russia
Green-crowned Brilliant (Heliodoxa jacula), Costa Rica
Himalaya mountain forests, Sagarmatha National Park, Nepal
Himalaya mountain forests, Sagamartha National Park, Nepal
Forests at the Great Wall of China
Forest Elephants (Loxodonta cyclotis) in the Dzanga Sangha Reserve, Central African Republic
Sunset over Nairobi, Kenya
Temperate rainforest near Vancouver, Canada
Geometrical scars on the land, Brazil
Aerial view of the Amazon Jungle
Burning rainforest on Sumatra to make space for palm oil plantations, Indonesia
Birch Trees in autumn colors in Southern Norway
Autumn colors at the northern tree line on the Varanger Peninsular, Norway
Tree plantation in Canada
Cleared roads in plantation, Canada
Cleared forest area in Canada
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