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Inquisitive Polar bear on the pack ice, Svalbard
Tourist cruise ship, Svalbard
Brünnich’s guillemot, Hinlopen Strait, Svalbard
Brünnich’s guillemot colony, Hinlopen Strait, Svalbard
Zodiac with tourists, Svalbard
Polar bear diving after whale cadaver, Svalbard
Small-scale reef fishermen, Philippines
View of Namenalala Island at the heart of Namena Marine Reserve, Fiji
Mangrove and human activity in South Bimini, Bahamas
Mangrove forest near Everglades City, USA
Mangrove habitat in Oleta River State Park, Florida, United States
Young red mangrove tree in the Benner Bay Mangrove Marine Sanctuary, Virgin Islands
Mangroves off Miami, United States
Mangrove habitat in the John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park, Key Largo, United States
Juvenile fish habitat on the Virgin Islands
Salt marshes in Maryland, United States
Belize reef, seagrasses and mangroves from above
Mangrove restoration by the Jaring Halus community in North Sumatra, Indonesia
Carpinteria Salt Marsh Reserve
Blue-headed Pionus parrots in Yasuni National Park, Ecuador
Yasuni National Park, Ecuador