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UN airlift support for gorilla relocation
Orphaned gorillas and helper, eastern Democratic Republic of Congo
Flatey, Breiðafjörður Bay Circle, Iceland
Blue Whale, Svalbard
Black-capped Marmot (Marmota camtschatica), Lena Delta, Siberia
Coastline, Vanuatu
Antarctic Peninsula
Snow mobile travel over sea ice in Uummannaq, Greenland
Dramatic Lofoten coast, Norway
Arctic vegetation, Norway
Lofoten Scenery, Norway
Arctic vegetation, Norway
Forestry in Canada
View over tree plantation in Canada
Forestry machinery with fallen trees in Canada
Pollution is detroying the mangroves on coastal Bali
Traditional reindeer herding practices, Finnmark, Norway
Ikerasak village, Uummannaq Bay, Greenland
Ikerasak village, Uummannaq Bay, Greenland
Gentoo Penguins  (Pygoscelis Papua), Antarctic Peninsula
Antarctic icebergs