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Red Knots (Calidris Canutus) in Porsanger, Norway
Littered beach, Bali, Indonesia
Inuit youths with captured Ringed Seal (Pusa Hispida), Baffin, Canada
The Marismas (wetlands) of the Coto Doñana National Park, Spain
Coral reef, Mu Ko Lanta Marine National Park, Thailand
Pechora at the Pechora river, Komi Republic, Russia
Grant's Zebra (Equus quagga boehmi), ASmboseli National Park, Kenya
Alykel-Norilsk Airport, Taimyr, Siberia, Russia
Nickel Smelters, Norilsk, Siberia, Russia
Thule Air Base, North-West Greenland
Greenland Ice Sheet, Melting Surface in Summer
Prudhoe Bay Oil Field, Alaska (1986)
Himalayan Tahr (Hemitragus jemlahicus), Sagarmatha National Park, Nepal
heliodoxa jacula peter prokosch 124
White Shark Tourism, Gaansbaai, Western Cape, South Africa
West Coast National Park, South Africa
Kara Sea Coast with Sea Ice, Taimyr, Russia (July 1989)
Helicornia, Costa Rica
Tsimanampetsotsa National Park, dry forest, South-West Madagascar
Mangrove restoration by the Jaring Halus community in North Sumatra, Indonesia
Cleared land in the Amazon Jungle, Brazil