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South Norwegian spruce forest
Old oak tree, Vilm Island, Germany
Tortuguero National Park, Costa Rica
Mountain forests in China, Northwest of Beijing
Green-crowned Brilliant (Heliodoxa jacula), Costa Rica
Central-European beech forest, Germany
Iceland Gull (Larus glaucoides), 1st year, Ilusissat, Greenland
Glacier from the air
Sinking stones of the protective seawall, Shishmaref, Alaska
Walrus (Odobenus rosmarus), Svalbard
Walrus (Odobenus Rosmarus), Svalbard
Walruses at rest, Svalbard
Moss on the ground in Setesdal, Norway in Autumn
Lemming (Lemmus lemmus), Setesdalheia, Southern Norway
Mother Polar Bear and cub, Svalbard, Norway
Polar Bear (Ursus Maritimus), Svalbard, Norway
Kongsfjord, Spitzbergen
Red Knot (Calidris canutus canutus), Sterlegova, Taimyr , Siberia, Russia
Polar Bear (Ursus Maritimus), Svalbard
Wildlife in Zambia
Rotorua, New Zealand