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Uploaded on Sunday 02 Dec 2012 by Peter Prokosch

Peary Land, Northern Greenland

Year: 2012 Taken by: Peter Prokosch
Peary Land in the North of Greenland and with Oodaaq island is the northernmost land of the world. The coastline is deeply indented by smaller fjords. Highest peak of Peary Land is Mara Mountain of Roosevelt Mountain Range, 1,155 meters high. Peary Land is not part of any municipality, but is part of the Northeast Greenland National Park. The size of the region is about 375 km east-west and 200 km north-south, with an estimated area of 57 000 km². It is only a bit more than 700 km south of the North Pole. The area is mountainous, with elevations up to 1950 m in the heavily glaciated Roosevelt Range. It is free of Greenland's inland ice cap. Being mostly north of the 82°N parallel, it contains the most northerly ice-free region of the world. Precipitation levels are so low (only about 25 to 200 mm per year, all as snow) that it is called a polar desert. It was not covered by glaciers during the most recent ice age.
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Peary Land,  northernmost land in the world, Greenland
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Peary Land,  northernmost land in the world, Greenland
Peary Land,  northernmost land in the world, Greenland
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