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Uploaded on Wednesday 08 Feb 2012 by Peter Prokosch

Nenets dancing, Pechora Delta, Russia

Year: 2012
From collection: General collection
Taken by: Peter Prokosch
Situated in the Nenetsky Autonomous Okrug, in northwestern Russia , Nenetsky Zapovednik has helped preserve the unique landscapes and biodiversity of the western part of the Russian Arctic since 1997. Here, within the strict nature reserve’s borders, the Pechora River empties into the Barents Sea at Pechora Bay after having wound its way some 2,000 kilometers from the northern Ural Mountains . Nentsky Zapovednik protects important wetland habitat for numerous species of waterfowl including rare species listed in the Russian Red Data Book such as Bewick’s swan, lesser white-fronted goose, and white-billed diver, among many others. The reserve’s extensive protected marine zone protects habitat for marine mammals including the bearded seal, beluga whale, polar bear, and Atlantic walrus.
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