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Uploaded on Thursday 20 Sep 2012 by Peter Prokosch

Franz Josef Land 2012 - Video

Year: 2012
From collection: Arctic Biodiversity
Filmed by: Peter Prokosch
Video From UNEP/GRID-Arendal: GRID-Arendal was on board of m/v Ortelius of Oceanwide Expedtions to Franz Josef Land, August 9-22, 2012, in order to lecture on Arctic environmental developments and Linking Tourism & Conservation. Franz Josef Land (together with the Northern part of Novaya Zemlya) in 2009 has been declared by Russian authorities to become a national park, the "Russian Arctic National Park". In addition Russia decided in 2011 to run major operations to clean up waste from some of the islands formerly used as military sites. The mission therefore was used to learn more about these important developments in the high Russian Arctic and how they can be supported. It was also used to interview expedition participants, how they would like to see the Arctic by the year 2052.
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Polar Bear (Ursus maritimus; Female) on melting Sea ice, Franz Josef Land, Russian Arctic National Park
Tourist with Arctic Poppies, Georgeland/Franz Josef Land, Russian Arctic National Park
Tourists Caring for the Environment, Bell Island, Franz Josef Land/Russian Arctic National Park
Humpback Whale, Franz Josef Land, Russian Arctic National Park
Arctic tern, Sterna paradisea
Saltmarshes and tidal flats, Copper River Delta, Alaska
Copper River Delta Shorebird Festival, Cordova, Alaska
Cordova Harbor, Copper River Delta, Alaska