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Glacial melt in the Hindu Kush-HimalayasGlacial melt in the Hindu Kush-Himalayas
Climate change is causing significant mass loss of glaciers in high mountains worldwide. There are clear overall trends indicating global glacier recession, which is likely to accelerate in coming decades. Surrounding the rivers originating in the Himalayas, like the Indus, Syr Darya, and Amu Darya, a major decline in the water flow will have devastating impacts on food production and domestic availability, as there are few, if any, alternatives to this water.
Agricultural land around the Himalyas
Himalayan River
Himalayan river bridge
Agricultural land, Nepal
Agricultural land, Nepal
Cattle, Nepal
Irrigation channel, Nepal
Road construction, Nepal
Fish, Nepal
Village, Nepal
Stove, Nepal
Agricultural produce, Nepal
Kathmandu city, Nepal
Kathmandu, Nepal
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