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Coastal erosion in the SeychellesCoastal erosion in the Seychelles
The Seychelles archipelago is a Small Island Developing State (SIDS) with a high population density of 500 inhabitants per square kilometer. As a SIDS, life in the Seychelles is characterized by a number of challenges relating to the small land area, limited natural resources and environmental vulnerability. The primary industries here are linked to tourism and the state of the natural environment, which makes Seychelles extremely vulnerable to climatic change and the impacts of human activity. These images show the extensive soil erosion that has been documented here, as high tides advance on the islands.
Shoreline in the Seychelles
Spectacular rock formations in the Seychelles
Spectacular patterns caused by erosion, Seychelles.
Spectacular rock formations in the Seychelles
Gangplank into the sea, Seychelles
Channels in the sand, Seychelles
Protective stone wall, Seychelles
Protective stone wall on artificial island, Seychelles
Protective stone wall by the roadside, Seychelles