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UN Music & Environment Initiative Stakeholder Meeting

Arendal 22nd – 23rd March

On 22-23 March 2010, the United Nations Music and Environment Initiative (M&E) hosted a workshop for its network and other partners in Arendal, Norway. The purpose of the gathering was to discuss the current status of the music industry in addressing sustainability issues and agree on the way forward. The following questions were addressed:

  • How can the music industry share best practices and tools for acting sustainably?
  • How can the music industry reduce its impacts on the environment?
  • How can environmental messages be jointly communicated, and subsequently, how can we measure the impact of that communication?


Presentations at the Workshop:
Chris Wangro: Independent producer based in NYC (PDF, 3mb)
Teresa Moore: Head of Music and Event, Bucks New University (PPT, 3mb)
Matt Grant: Peats Ridge Sustainable Arts & Music Festival (PPT, 10mb
Rosalie Devaud: Paléo Festival (PPT, 2mb)
Emma Lind: Agderforskning (PPT, 1mb)
Anna-Maria Blixt: Studio Incaible (PDF, 1mb)

Short Movies (large files):
C3 Presents (Mov, 350mb)
Boom Festival
Canal Street/Hove

List of Participants:
Mark Edwards: Hard Rain Project
Emma Lind: Agderforskning
Robert Svendsen: Arendal Municipality
Teresa Moore: Bucks New University
Charlie Jones: C3 Presents
Hans Birger Nilsen: Canal Street
Mats Aronsen: Canal Street
Melvin Benn: Festival Republic
Karen Landmark: Hove Fesival
Benedikte Nilsen: Hove Fesival
Alison Tickell: Julies Bicycle
Rosalie Devaud: Paleo Festival
Matt Grant: Peats Ridge Festival
Ilse Tempelaar: Sustainable Arts and Culture (SAAC)
Thomas Niebuhr: Roskilde Festival
Linnea Svensson: Øya Festival
Marte Sootholtet: Øya Festival
Alfredo Vasconcelos: Boom Festival
André Soares: Boom Festival
Armindo Jacinto: Idanha-a-Nova Municipality
Meegan Jones: Consultant and author of Sustainable Event Management
Katrine Vejby: CO2penhagen
Anna-Maria Blixt: Studio Incaible
Patricio Lobeira: Studio Incaible

Workshop Documents:

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