Workshops, Seminars and Conferences

Concluding Remarks by Peter Prokosch

Peter thanked all seminar participants for their valuable ideas and recommendations. The issues raised will be taken into consideration in GRID-Arendal’s ongoing strategy development process.

Its unique selling point is its ability to translate and transmit complex information into simple, innovative and easily understandable ways. We need to build on this strength.

GRID-Arendal should cease to be a kept secret. We need to let the world know what we are and what we are capable of offering. We need to look into branding GRID-Arendal.

Our status of being a Norwegian foundation and a UNEP affiliated centre is not a disadvantage. We are more flexible and have the ability to sometimes “break the rules”

GRID-Arendal need to clearly define its goals. We will continue to support the mission of UNEP. We will continue to focus on the issue of climate change in our work and support the campaign to “unite to fight climate change” . We will keep our links to DEWA and strengthen our relationship to DCPI.

We will enhance our outreach to the masses using new tools of communication.

Ideas presented by the staff during the round table session will be further developed and hopefully implemented. Capacity in web-related work will be increased.

Partnerships with other institutions, networks and the media will be strengthened.

We will look into ways of linking our work to education. We support the idea that some components of the former GVU should continue and be further developed and implemented by UNU.