Workshops, Seminars and Conferences

Round table: Communication for action

Innovative approaches in reaching the broader audiences (climate change campaign, media, book publishing, IT solutions, measuring impact)

A roundtable was subsequently taken in which participants shared their ideas of an innovative project that GRID-Arendal could pursue. Project ideas presented included the following:

1. Climate change (Otto Simonett)
2. On-line education on sustainable development (Sven Aake Bjørke)
3. Media/publishing: e-books (Robert Barnes)
4. Public awareness raising: EcoTeam programme (Valentin Yemelin, Elena Santer)
5. Public awareness raising: geotagging environmental concerns on GoogleEarth
6. (Valentin Yemelin)
7. Public awareness raising: radio outreach (Marianne Fernagut)
8. Targeting social networks - Earthbook (Yannick Beaudoin, Karen Landmark)
9. Polar theme: virtual resource libraries and a Polar Resource Book (Kathrine Johnsen)