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IMPACT III Seminar - August 2008 - From Information to Delivery to Behaviour Change - 21–22 August 2008 Arendal, Norway

This is the third Impact Seminar convened by GRID-Arendal to provide a forum for the exchange
of ideas on the impact of environmental information on decision making.

This seminar was designed to examine GRID-Arendal experiences in communications and
outreach and to explore ways of enhancing the effectiveness of GRID-Arendal in
communicating environmental information and supporting UNEP's mission.

Specific objectives of the seminar were to:

  • Discuss how GRID-Arendal and UNEP can increase the impact of their work on
  • environmental decision making
  • Look for ways in which GRID-Arendal and UNEP can enhance their activities in the areas
  • of communication and campaigns
  • Explore new possibilities that modern information technologies offer for communicating
  • environmental information to decision-makers
  • Examine the potential for cooperation with the media and publishers
  • Identify approaches to measure impact.

PDF format See Seminar Agenda.

 This seminar brought together experts in the field of communication and outreach to share
their ideas about improving the way in which GRID-Arendal carries out communication and

Keynote speakers included:

  • Satinder Bindra, Director, UNEP's Division of Communications and Public Information (DCPI);
  • Alex Kirby, free-lance journalist, author and former environmental correspondent for BBC News Online;
  • Klaus Liedtke, Editor-in-chief, National Geographic Germany and GA Board member;
  • Dr. Ashbindu Singh, Regional Coordinator, UNEP Division of Early Warning & Assessment, Regional Office for North America;
  • Dr. Dmitriy Kavtaradze, Chief  of the Laboratory of Ecology and Environmental Protection, Moscow State University.

GRID-Arendal staff from the Arendal, Geneva and Stockholm offices as well as other interested
individuals participated in the seminar. See list of seminar participants.

An important outcome of the workshop was an understanding of a vision for the future of GRID-and of a strategy that would enhance the way communication and outreach is undertaken by GRID-Arendal, making the best possible use of modern communication technologies, thus putting GRID-Arendal mission into practice.

The full report, including individual presentations, will be made available on the GRID-Arendal website.