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Assessing the Impact of Environmental Information on Decision-Making Processes

How is environmental information best put into use in a larger sustainable development decision-making and policy context?

Advisory Panel Seminar No. 3 of 3 at GRID-Arendal 10 June 2002

Purpose of the Seminar:

  • To discuss and provide recommendations to GRID-Arendal’s draft Communication Strategy;
  • In particular, to discuss and recommend how GRID-Arendal products can make effective contributions to policy development and decision-making in the context of the Rio-Johannesburg process altogether and in the WSSD context.

Seminar Participants:

GRID-Arendal’s Advisory Panel, Board members (outgoing and incoming), invited keynote speakers, GA management and relevant staff

Seminar Agenda

09.00 Advisory Panel Seminar, Chair: Leif E. Christoffersen


“A draft Communication Strategy for GRID-Arendal”

This draft will address GRID-Arendal’s long-term approach towards communicating its environmental information in the context of sustainable development decision-making to key target audiences via a variety of channels.
Svein Tveitdal, Managing Director, GRID-Arendal

“Issues for discussion and Comments to GRID-Arendal’s draft Communication Strategy”

GRID-Arendal’s Advisory Panel:

  • Nigel Cross, Managing Director, International Institute for Environment and Development, UK
  • Olav Høgetveit, Media Consultant, Norway
  • Domingo Jiménéz-Beltrán, Former Executive Director, European Environmental Agency, Denmark


10.30 Coffee break

SESSION II 11.00 Invited Key-note Speakers

”Recommendations for a further development and effective implementation of GRID-Arendal’s communication strategy from a range of national, regional and institutional perspectives”.

Based on specific experiences, needs and perspectives, the speakers will talk about the impact of information in decision making processes. They will also be invited to comment on GRID-Arendal’s and its partners’ communication strategy and how they think this can best contribute to sustainable development decision-making.

Frits Schlingemann, Director, UNEP’s Regional Office for Europe: Rio-Johannesburg with a particular emphasis on UNEP/RoE-GRID-Arendal cooperation, highlights and prospects

Øystein Dahle, GRID-Arendal Board member and Chairman, Worldwatch Institute, Washington: The challenge of sustainabilityAraujo?


12.00 Open presentation for GRID-Arendal staff, Longum Park employees and seminar participants

“Late Lessons from Early Warnings: the precautionary principle 1896-2000”
Domingo Jiménéz-Beltrán, Former Executive Director, EEA

13.00 Seminar Lunch

14.00 Invited

SESSION III Keynote Speakers cont’d

Pekka Haavisto, Chairman, UNEP Afghanistan Task Force: After Johannesburg – the way to sustainable development

Daniel B.Botkin, Research Professor, Dept. of Ecology, Evolution and Marine Biology, University of California: Translating science into policy

Nigel Cross: The challenge posed by the impact of sceptical environmentalism on media and decision-makers


15.30 Summary Reflections

Olav Høgetveit, Advisory Panel member


16.00 Concluding comments

Leif E. Christoffersen

16.30 Transport to Tyholmen Hotel