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Other papers and case-studies

by Mariya Potabenko
PowerPoint presentation: PPT
Guide in Word format: DOC

Environmental Awareness In Ukraine by Mariya Potabenko
PowerPoint presentation: PPT
Dynamics of Ukrainians’ Attitude to Environmental Problems: DOC
Research on Environmental Awareness in Ukraine: DOC

Environmental information on the Internet - a tool for sustainable development? (.doc)
A study of two Internet-based environmental information products:
The Baltic Region GIS, Maps and Statistical Database and The Earth Negotiations Bulletin
by Aled Jones, Lund University

Discussion paper (.pdf) and case-studies (.doc) for the impact seminar in Arendal, Norway, May 22, 2000.

Reading your own story: UNEP's media tour of the Balkans (.pdf)

Assessment of the accessibility, use and perception of air quality information in Moscow (.pdf)

 Panel meetings

GRID-Arendal Advisory Panel meeting I: May 22, 2000

GRID-Arendal Advisory Panel meeting II: June 11, 2001

Side event (expert panel) at UNEP's Governing Council, Nairobi, Kenya. February 11th, 2001

  • HTML format Noel Dempsey, Minister for Environment, Republic of Ireland
  • PPT format Jeremy Wates, Executive Secretary, Århus Convention
  • PPT format Elena Petkova, Senior Associate, Institutions and Governance Program, World Resources Institute
  • PPT format Jonathan Campaigne, Executive Director, PRIDE Africa
  • PPT format Peter Thorose, Secretary, Meghalaya Environment & Wildlife Society (MEWS), India
  • PPT format David Citrin, Vice President for International Marketing, Ormat International

Communications strategy for GRID-Arendal, Board meeting, Nov-2002