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New, detailed Baltic region land cover maps released

22 Sep 2001 - Through the joint efforts of two EU supported projects, new and detailed land cover information from all around the Baltic Sea is now freely available on the Web to everybody interested through the Baltic Environmental Atlas.

Land cover and land use are known as a main factors explaining much of the so-called diffuse pollution of nutrients to the Baltic Sea. Detailed information on land cover and land use types are thus of considerable
interest to all concerned with eutrophication and the health of the Baltic Sea. The information is also of value for regional planning and analysis of other environmental issues.

The two projects making this information available to the public are the BALANS and BOING projects. The BALANS project, co-ordinated by Metria Miljöanalys, has recently completed a new GIS database on land cover derived primarily from medium resolution satellite imagery. The BOING project,
co-ordinated by GRID-Arendal, has developed a prototype Internet and indicator based information service dealing with eutrophication of the Baltic Sea. The Baltic Environmental Atlas has been developed as part of this project.

Different types of land cover information developed within the BALANS project have been made available. The interactive map allows users to overlay the land cover maps with other information and zoom into any region of interest in the region. For those in need of ready-to-use map graphics of the entire region this is also available. For the professional users data for use in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) is provided.

For further information online, please visit:
Interactive map of the Baltic Sea region
Ready-to-use maps & GIS data
The BALANS Project
The BOING Information Service


For additional information, contact
Birgitta Olsson, Metria Miljöanalys Tel +46 8 579 972 70
Hugo Ahlenius, GRID-Arendal Tel +47 370 35713

Saturday 22 Sep 2001
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