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Workshop on a Virtual University for Environmental Sustainability in Arendal, Norway

18 Apr 2001 - On 23-25 April, the United Nations University (UNU) will participate in a "Workshop on Virtual University for Environmental Sustainability" co-organized with UNEP/GRID Arendal in Norway.

The United Nations University, through the Institute of Advanced Studies, has been exploring the learning and teaching potential of new information and communication technologies (ICTS) since 1996. UNEP/GRID Arendal has over the years been involved in the assessment and dissemination of environmental information, development of environmental information systems and capacity building. Working in collaboration, these and other interested parties may be able to develop innovative online environment related course materials that take advantage of both state of the art ICTs and up to date environmental information.

The purpose of the workshop is to:

  • Identify the need for distance learning on environmental sustainability.
  • Define the specific (market) niche for the new environment study programme with regard to thematic focus, target group(s) etc.
  • Evaluate the concepts developed by GRID-Arendal - Agder University College (AUC) and the tools developed by United Nations University (UNU).
  • Recommend a modus operandi for future collaboration and partnership building

UNU Rector Hans van Ginkel will co-chair the workshop with Svein Tveitdal, the Managing Director of GRID-Arendal. Participants will include representatives from Agder University College, University in Bergen, Swedish Royal Institute of Technology, UK Open University, Telenor, and the Norwegian Centre for International University Co-operation. Video conferences are also planned with the VU Media and Technology Laboratory at UNU/IAS and with UNEP Headquarters in Nairobi. The workshop is being supported by the municipality of Arendal.


Executive summary


Workshop programme

Globalt miljø- og utviklings- studium i et virtuelt universitet.(GEDS)

The Concept of the Global Environmental and Development Studies (GEDS)


Practical information to participants

Guidelines for lecturers

Photos from workshop


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