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GLOBIO Project: Global methodology for mapping human impacts on the biosphere

21 Mar 2001 - The GLOBIO project, global methodology for mapping human impacts on the biosphere, gives a scientific overview of the cumulative impacts of human activities on the environment at various scales, and provides a tool for present and future policy planning by generating scenarios for sustainable development.

 It was initiated to help policy makers assess the likelihood of environmental impacts on biodiversity and ecosystems resulting from human activity. A new web site providing information about the GLOBIO project and methodology is now available at

The probability of impact on wildlife, vegetation and ecosystems is related to distance to different types of infrastructure. The distance zones of impact are lowest in forest and highest in open tundra. The extent of the zones are based upon several hundred field studies from international scientific journals. Impacts include reduced abundance of wildlife, reduced accessibility to important grazing habitat, and changes in predator-prey relationship as a result of infrastructure and associated human activity.

For more information, please contact:

Lars Kullerud (Polar Unit Coordinator)

Julien Rouaud (GIS Analyst)

Wednesday 21 Mar 2001
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