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UNEP director General dr. Klaus Toepfer gave a lecture to the International student festival in Trondheim, Norway. (ISFiT-01)

Arendal/Trondheim 6 March 2001 - The Trondheim International Student Festival started 2 March and continues until 11 March 2001. 500 Students from over 120 countries meet in Trondheim to exchange views and get inspiration to continue work in their home countries. With representatives from so many countries present, The ISFiT boasts of being the biggest international student festival in the world.

Monday 5 March, the grand hall was filled with almost 1000 students, listening to the opening address via video from Mr. Mikhail Gorbachev, encouraging the students to work for improving the environment.

The second speaker was the UNEP Director General Klaus Toepfer giving an inspiring lecture entitled "Are we destroying our future", effectively using graphics from the UNEP GEO-2000 report and graphics prepared by GRID-Arendal.

The graphics used in Trondheim are depicted below, and may be copied if you give credit to GRID-Arendal.

Power point presentation

Tuesday 06 Mar 2001
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