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The King and Queen to be informed of the global state of environment

13 June 2000 - The King and Queen of Norway will be informed of the global state of the environment during their visit to Arendal on the 19th of June 2000. The centre for environmental information, GRID - Arendal, is a part of UN's Environment Programme, UNEP. The Managing Director, Svein Tveitdal, will present UNEP's most recent environmental report, GEO-2000, updated with the latest data from the UNEP.

The report provides a good picture of the state of the environment around the world. The main conclusion of the report is that the environment is in poor condition, despite an increasing will to do something about the problems. Economic growth and population growth are consuming gains made from better resource management and technology.

Poverty among a large part of the Earth's inhabitants, and the greedy over-consumption by a rich minority, are the two main reasons for the impoverishing of the environment. According to the report, time is running out for a rational and planned transition to a more sustainable future. The environmental problems are still manageable, but a considerably larger effort and commitment is needed.

Even though the main conclusion of the report shows that the state of the environment is poor in general, positive signs do exist. For instance, many of the international environmental agreements have resulted in positive effects. Examples include a reduction of acid rain in Europe and a substantial reduction of ozone depleting substances.

A year ago, Crown Prince Håkon received a similar presentation during his travels in the USA, at the American GRID centre in Sioux Falls.

The GEO-2000 reports can be found at:

Here you can also find a Norwegian summary and a newly launched version for children and youth.

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