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Calling for nominations for year 2000 Premier United Nations environment prize

Nairobi, 24 February 2000 - The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) announced today that it is accepting nominations for the 2000 UNEP Sasakawa Environment Prize. Worth US$200,000.00, the Prize is awarded every year to individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the management and protection of the environment at the global level.

Past winners include: Chico Mendes, the rubber tapper from Brazil who died leading the fight against the cattle ranchers destruction of the rainforest; Lester Brown, Director of the World Watch Institute, whose writings were instrumental in alerting the world about the threats to the biosphere; Dr. M. S. Swaminathan of India, the father of the economic ecology movement; and last year, Ian Kiernan, founder of the Clean Up the World Campaign, for mobilizing millions of people around the globe to take responsibility for their own environment.

"Far more significant than the words that describe the eligibility criteria is the larger idea that lies behind it. At its core is the recognition that those honoured with this Prize represent a unique commitment to the environmental cause", says UNEP's Executive Director, Mr. Klaus Töpfer. "In honouring them, UNEP hopes that they will be encouraged to continue their work and that others will be inspired to join the global coalition dedicated to protecting the environment."

Nominations for the award will be reviewed in July by an independent and distinguished panel of international leaders and environmentalists, chaired by Lord Stanley Clinton-Davis of the United Kingdom.

Nominations must be received by 30 April 2000 and include a maximum two-page summary of the nominee's achievements, a curriculum vitae and three letters of recommendation from individuals who can assess the nominee's contributions.

The award will be presented at a ceremony in New York in November 2000.

For more information and to submit nomination contact:

Ms. Elisabeth Guilbaud-Cox
UNEP Sasakawa Environment Prize
Tel: (254-2) 62 3401 Fax: (254-2) 62 3927

Mr. Tore J. Brevik
Information and Public Affairs
Tel: (254-2) 62 3292 Fax: (254-2) 62 3692

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