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GRID-Arendal 10 years this year

14 Jul 1999 - Gro Harlem Brundtland to Arendal 23. August to participate in the celebration of the environment center GRID-Arendal, a part of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) this year celebrates its ten years' anniversary. A one-day seminar on health and environment will mark the occasion on the 23rd of August in Arendal.

The Secretary General of the World Health Organisation (WHO), Gro Harlem Brundtland, will participate in the GRID-Arendal celebration and give a lecture at the seminar. The Director of UNEP, Klaus Töpfer, (former Minister of Environment in Germany) will also participate.

GRID-Arendal invites Norwegian and international press to Arendal on the 23rd of August to participate in the seminar. During the seminar there will be opportunites to make interviews with Brundtland, Töpfer and employees of GRID-Arendal. A press conference with both Brundtland and Töpfer will be arranged during the course of the day.

Due to limited space we must ask those wishing to participate during the whole seminar to inform us before Friday 13 August. You may register by contacting Lars Haltbrekken (e-mail:

About GRID-Arendal

GRID-Arendal was opened ten years ago by the Prime Minister Gro Harlem Brundtland. During the ten years the environment centre has existed, it has developed into a major European information source on the environment. The GRID-Arendal website, with a considerable amount of environmental information, has approximately 4 million "hits" a year.

In the early '90s GRID-Arendal took the initiative to prepare digital state of the environment reports for different countries. The first state of the environment report was prepared for Norway in 1992. Since then GRID-Arendal has facilitated the preparation of digital state of the environment reports in 28 countries. In 1997 GRID-Arendal and Chinese environmental authorities opened the State of the Environment China on the Internet.

Earlier this year GRID-Arendal received the prestigious Princes´ Award for its work on facilitating State of the Environment reports on the Internet. The award was handed over to the GRID-Arendal Director, Mr. Svein Tveitdal by the EU Commissioner for the Environment, Ms. Ritt Bjerregaard. The Princes' Award was initiated by the European Environment Agency as a competition for the best audiovisuals on Europe's environment.

GRID-Arendal now is in the process of facilitating similar reports for 25 cities in 20 countries. Among the participating cities are: Johannesburg in South Africa, Adelaide in Australia, Cajakarea in Peru, Bangkok in Thailand, and two Norwegian cities; Arendal and Kristiansand.

GRID-Arendal is now part of a work-group administrated by UNEP with the task of making a state of the environment report on the effects of the war in the Balkans.
Another GRID-Arendal task is to administrate the daily running of the global communication program of UNEPnet.

For more information:
Director Svein Tveitdal:
Phones: Mobile: 90 58 90 32, office: 37 03 56 50, private: 37 03 88 70
Lars Haltbrekken: Phone: 22 37 62 92, E-mail:

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