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WTO proposes a world environment organisation

25 Mar 1999 - The Director General, of the World Trade Organization (WTO), Renato Ruggiero, called for the creation of a World Environment Organization parallel to the World Trade Organization.

He made the call March 15, 1999, at the WTO High-Level Symposium on Trade and the Environment, in Geneva. This was the first WTO meeting by senior trade officials with non- governmental organizations.

Delegates from the 134 nations who are members of the WTO met with representatives of 26 inter-governmental organizations, and people from 130 non-governmental organizations representing the environment, development, agriculture, trade unions, consumers, academia and business. Ruggiero said that he, "would suggest that we need a (WTO) similar multilateral rules-based system for the environment - a World Environment Organization to also be the institutional and legal counterpart to the World Trade Organization. Source Environment News Service (ENS).

Thursday 25 Mar 1999
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