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GRID-Arendal releases free MapInfo data of the Baltic Sea Region

Arendal, 18 November 1998 - GRID-Arenda  one of the environmental data and information centres under the United Nations Environment Programme, has recently released its popular Baltic Sea region GIS database in MapInfo format.

The database, first released in August 1995, has become Europe's most popular on-line GIS database for an international transboundary region. The Baltic Sea region fully or partially encompasses the following riparian countries; Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Russia and Sweden, and the following peripheral states; Belarus, Czech Republic, Norway, Slovakia and Ukraine. The database has a GIS section, with the data available in ArcInfo, Idrisi and now MapInfo formats, a maps section with ready-made cartographics in several common graphics formats, and a statistics section with derived statistisc from the GIS database. The database features, inter alia, land cover, administrative units, population distribution, arable & pasture lands, and wetland distributions in scales 1:1mill. and smaller.

The database has been used inter alia by the intergovernmental HELCOM and Baltic 21 for high level policy-making, a large number of research projects, the environmental management community and by the general public. On a weekly basis there are around 1,000 visitors to the database, and around 2-300 GIS data sets (in ArcInfo and Idrisi formats) and ready-made cartographics are being downloaded. The availability of the database in MapInfo format most likely will boost this figures, as MapInfo is a very commonly used GIS software tool in the region.

The conversion of the data to MapInfo, was kindly done by an indepent GIS expert, Mr. Mats Elfstrom, ( for GRID-Arendal and the MapInfo user community.


For more information, please contact
Sindre Langaas,
Project manager


GRID-Arendal is a BALLERINA partner
BALLERINA - the Environmental Gateway to the Baltic Sea Region



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